Classes where students should not talk Vs Classes where student talking is allow

[color=red]Some students like classes where teachers lecture in the class. Other students prefer classes where the students do some talking .What type of class do you prefer. Why?

[color=green][i]Having a discussion on a topic is the best way not only to understand the gist of it but also to remember the essence of the topic for long time. Some students may think that discussions create a distraction and deviate their concentration from the actual topic. Although there is an element of truth in their concern, in my view, a plausible and useful discussion over a related topic is beneficial rather than detrimental to all the students.

Many times we see professors trying to engage students in a class by asking questions on the topic that is being discussed. They do so, not only to check whether students are actively listening to their lecture but also to understand to what extent they are able to follow it and understand its content. Simply by listening to a lecture, students may become passive and feel bored of the lecture. Hence it is advisable to keep the atmosphere of a class room as energetic and exuberant as possible.Professors generally keep their class active by asking questions and initiating various discussions.

By initiating a discussion, a professor bestows his students with a chance to hear different perspectives of a problem from different students. Students may give different examples and sometimes explain the topic from a different perspective. These examples and varied perceptions not only help students to get better understanding of the topic but also enable them to remember the gist of the topic in the long run.

During my final year science class, our professor always used to spend the last fifteen minutes of his every class in a discussion. He always encouraged students to discuss the topic and explain it to the rest of the class. These discussions always helped me because not only I was able to revise that topic but also I could clear all my doubts and concerns, if I have any, by the time we are done with our class. Eventually, I passed in that subject with flying colours.

I always prefer not to have any distractions when I listen to the lecture. However, like some of the students, I don’t’ perceive the discussion on a related topic as a distraction but treat it as an opportunity to get a better understanding on the topic. I always enjoy not only to listen to a discussion but also to participate in it and become the connoisseur of the class.[/i]

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