class president

I’m thinking about putting my hat in the ring for class president! … n+the+ring
What does class president mean?

In US high schools, often each “class” - 9th grade freshman class, 10th grade sophomore class, 11th grade junior class, and 12th grade senior class - will elect a class president who leads the class. He or she might plan events such as parties or dances, represent the class at official functions, and serve as an intermediary between the members of the class and the school administration. But to be honest, often it is just a popularity contest and the class president does not do very much at all.

What about grades 1-8? Do they have class leaders? In Taiwan, each class of grades 1-12 has its own class leader.

High school is different because in high school everyone in the grade intermingles because everyone takes different classes. (Here is where the word “class” gets confusing - it can mean both the entire grade as well as each individual class, like history, math or English. In lower grades, “class” is generally the group of 25 or so students taught by one teacher all day - “I am in Mrs. Johnson’s class.” ) So in lower grades there is no president of the entire grade, but in some schools there may be “classroom monitors” appointed by the teacher who help the teacher do various small tasks. So each group of 25 or so students taught by one teacher would have a “classroom monitor”, not the whole grade.

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