Christmas greetings from Estonia

Good morning
My name is Marika.I am from Estonia.My best Christmas greetings to all forum members!
I love English language from my childhood, but I had not opportunities to speak a lot.Now I need to use it at work and in the university.But every time I begin to speak i feel difficulties and it makes me so sad…Hope to get good learning advices.

Speak to yourself about anything. Have a conversation with inner you about anything. Also you can write something on a paper and read it loud, and why not record it here in the forum and listen to it and say: I have a wonderful voice :slight_smile:

Thank you for smart advice, i will follow this.Truth is that language needs to talk, to communicate.I think the biggest problem to learners is to remember words, to enrich vocabulary.For young people it is less difficult.
But anyway thank you for your message and have a nice Christmas time.

Thanks and good luck.

Happytofita , you give such useful advise that now I think you can speak English very fluently.So please record your voice 'cause I want to hear you.Just,you know ,I would like to know how should i talk.

I’d love to do that, but unfortunately my mic does not work good. By the way, if you want how to talk and how to enunciate words clearly, you need to listen to native speaker, not to me :smiley: . I just wanted to help you with your fear, and it does not mean that I have a perfect pronunciation. You can listen to native speakers here in the forum.

Good luck