Choosing the right word (2)


Give the impression of/have the appearance of when you are talking about how you think someone is when you meet them;

I haven’t seen Charlie for several years and when i saw him yesterday, I thought he was looking very well. He hasn’t a grey hair on his head and he was walking like a man half his age.

You look very well. Have you been on holiday?

Look at

See something close to/ turn your eyes towards.

Just look at this picture. It was taken last week and there in the middle is the castle we visited when we went to Spain.

Why are you looking at me like that? Is there something wrong with my face?


To use your eyes/your sight.

I can see perfectly well without glasses.

When we were in the restaurant i saw that actor who was in the film about drug smugglers. Did you see that film?

Visit/meet someone

My wife tells me we are seeing you next week when we come round to your house for dinner.

We’re both looking forward to seeing you at the party tonight.


I see what you mean now you’ve explained how it works.

I see from what i read in the local paper that you have won the local election.


Look at an action in reality or on TV or at the cinema.

I watched the magician very carefully but I still don’t understand how he managed to make that girl disappear.

We were watching a television programme last night that was so loud we didn’t hear the door bell.

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