Choose three of the following media and say how effective you think they are as s

Choose three of the following media and say how effective you think they are as sources of news, which is the most effective? Radio, TV, magazines, the Internet and newspapers.

The present century is the century of information and each media has significant influence over society. The Internet and newspapers are the milestones of freedom of speech and overwhelming majority of society receive actual information using these kinds of media. However, TV includes some unique qualities and, from my pint of view, this source of information can be recognised as the most powerful.
Firslty, it is important to outline that the Internet and newspapers personify freedom for many people. The main benefit of newspapers is that they are reputable, for instance, The Times or The Guardian. This fact implies independence from the government and rich businessmen. As a result, they can influence people’s opinion very efficiently. At the same time, the Internet can be used as a good tool for spreading PR; however, the Internet represents the whole community of people who are willing to receive objective information. Moreover, the importance of the Internet is growing quickly. In addition, the information in newspapers and on the Internet cannot be distorted easily, and this is the reason why they are not as influential as television.
Secondly, almost every household in the world possesses its own TV. This factor increases the power of television very considerably. At the same time, television is not as independent as newspapers. In addition, it is important to emphasise that television is much more coherent with influential people, politicians and big business than the Internet. These two aspects mentioned above make television very attractive for people who want to manipulate society.
In conclusion, it is vital to accentuate the key points of the present essay. Newspapers and the Internet are very widespread sources of information because of their reputation, they play significant role in society. However, TV is the media, which has the same popularity as the Internet and newspapers, but TV can be controlled by interested parties. This implies that television is the most powerful media in the present world.

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