Choose one word or phrase in the box to complete each of the following sentences.

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Choose one word or phrase in the box below to complete each of the following sentences. Each word/ phrase is used once only.

according to / too / opposite / since / feel/
strike / off / in front / feeling/ although/
on / in / another / for / feels/
instead of / in the end / the other / despite / time/
because of / at the end / other / not / yet/

  1. I think I’d rather have coffee instead of tea.
  2. Because of the rain, the match was postponed.
  3. Police office don’t have to wear uniform when they are on duty.
  4. We can’t go by train. The train-drivers are on off.
  5. The question is too hard for me to answer.
  6. Julie has nothing in common with Bill. They are quite different.
  7. There is a good song at the end of the film.
  8. The house in front is on sale. There is a notice outside.
  9. He says he is ill. Or, in other words, he doesn’t want to come here.
  10. In spite of feeling ill, Jack played.
  11. Although the bike was cheap, it was in good condition.
  12. Jack hasn’t left. He hasn’t finished his work yet.
  13. Tom has been living in Wasaw in 2007.
  14. Please try to arrive at the lesson on time.
  15. He apologize for being late.
  1. off duty
  2. strike
  3. opposite
  4. since
  5. he apologized for being late.

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