Chinese Dragon

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The Definition of Chinese Dragon
Chinese Dragon is a mystic creature but has a strong connection with China. According to studies, early at 1300 B.C., people started to use the symbol of Chinese dragon. They created it as a totem to protect them from animals’ attacking. The totem was created to consist of parts from different animals. It has Eagle’s claws, snake’s body, fish’s scales and tiger’s eyes. It can fly in the sky or dive into the sea. However, Chinese dragon is totally different from the dragon which has a pair wings and can bust fire from its nose and month. Chinese dragon is not an evil and would not hurt people. In Chinese myths, Chinese dragons were regard as gods who governed the sea and controlled rainfall. It was important to our ancestors who depended on their lives on agriculture because they believed if they had gotten the help of dragons they would have enough precipitation leading to a good harvest. In addition, it resembles auspiciousness and dignity, so in the past it had been exclusively used by royal families. Emperors usually had dragons drew on their palaces’ walls, roofs and clothes. However, in the modern society, the totem can be used by common people. Parents always use 龙 (a Chinese character represents Chinese dragon) as their children’ last name. They hope the character can bring benefits such as fortune, high status and health for their children. Chinese dragon plays an important role in Chinese people and their history.