Children should not have to work or help with household tasks: their only respons

Some people think that children should not have to earn money or help house chores: their only concern should be study. I feel there are many disadvantages if children work. Thus, I agree with this statement and will explain my points below.

First of all, in the most surveys it says that children who do part-time job have usually poor academic grades.  I had a classmate who was very brilliant, clever, like to study.  However, she started working after school and since then she began to skip classes. Even when she came to school she usually sleeps during lesson, eventually dropped her school.  I really feel sorry for her and I always think that doing a job will neglect studies and have bad effects on children.  In addition they will  have neither  motivation to study nor purpose in life. 

Second of all, children are very curious so they easily influenced by others at the workplace where many kinds of people gather.  He or she might learn dangerous habits such as use drugs, alcohol and smoking.  Moreover they feel that money is important than study. Furthermore they feel that their parents do not love them or pay attention to them.  In my view everyone’s offspring are special to their parents and they should grow up by spoiled by their parents and learn how to love or care for others. 

Third of all, children should understand and comprehend importance of study. Personally I think that to have a wonderful life means to do my favorite job and live in comfortable house and can afford things I need.  To be able to do this most crucial thing is to learn.  If children show great academic results and outstanding skills then can easily go to university and pursuit their dreams.  Once they graduated and get their degree they can begin their new life.	

To sum up, the only responsibility of children is to study and create great future.

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good essay. Few points to ponder.

I dont think it is necessaryto mention first of all , second of all & third of all…

I think both your introduction and conclusion are too concise.Try to have 2/3 sentences in intro & conclusion…:slight_smile:

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thank you, i will do that.
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I was brought-up in a small town in rural area where children had to work and assist their parents in household tasks. This give me convidence to air out my opinion .As far as am concerned children should work or help with household tasks as well as they study.This cause no harm rather it benefit the children.
To begin with,the children who work and assist in household tasks are prepared in advance to become responsible people in future. This will lead to bringing up good families. Consequently there will be development at community level and the country as a whole.
The children also learn to be self reliant in that, the can do simple tasks on their own.Ulike the children brought up in urban area whose only taslk is studying, children who live in rural area learn hard work carried out by the people surrounding them.These does not only train them to be reliant but it also make them to be hardworking.
Next is that this children become strong and physically fit because the involve themselves in activities that results into exercising one body parts. These children are healthier than those children who do not work because they do not suffer from obesity, diabetis and other diseases which are associted by lack of physical exercises.
In addition these children because of being responsible hardworking and selfreliant, they are able to secure a job, thus their chance of becoming wealthy people is increased.They finally end up leding better and successiful lifes.
In conclusion, those involving children in work or household tasks is the best thing for parents to do because, he or she becomes the trainer of her or his children . The parents also have an opportunity to learn his or her child’s weaknesses and strenght in activites otside class work.Work makes a child strong and healthy.