Children should attend separate schools, agree or not?

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It should be admitted that one of the most important, if not the most, responsibilities of schools is to prepare children for their future lives. This fact has caused very deep concerns among psychologists in deciding the best methods in learning. One of these controversies among diverse people, especially parents, is about coeducational and separate schools. However, while I would not underestimate some problems of coeducational schools, I hold the view that it is far more sensible for children not to go to separate schools, as it may set the stage for a number of problems.
In the first place, it is better to be mentioned that there is no difference between boys and girls, and people should be taught this perspective since they are children. When children attend separate schools, they won’t communicate with other sexes. As a result, in their adulthood, they will face many problems communicating with others. As an example, in my country, juveniles have significant problems in the universities, which is mainly because they go to separate schools. It is even hard for them to talk to the other sex. I had a friend in the university who never accepted to do projects with boys. Indeed, if she had learned to communicate with boys in her childhood, I am sure she would have never behaved in that way.
Furthermore, attending coeducational schools, children will learn many things from each other. They will become familiar with others’ moralities, and consequently, they have the possibility to be more successful in their married life. Moreover, as is known to all, boys and girls have different personalities and characteristics, and each sex can handle some obstacles which opposite sex can’t. Therefore, it is good to have friends from all sexes, so they will help us in the case of problems. Figures suggest that children who have gone to coeducational schools have less social and emotional problems.
To sum up, based on the above discussion, I disagree with the opinion that children should attend separate schools. They can communicate with others, find new friends, and have better future life when they go to coeducational schools.

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