Cheers from Jecha

Hi, I’m new, too. I live in Germany and I love the English language. :slight_smile:

And I enjoy meeting new people and discovering new ways to teach English.

So, I guess I can have fun here.

Have a great weekend!



hi jecha

Hi Jecha
Nice to meet you too. I,m new here too . I live in TEHRAN-IRAN but as soon as emmigrate to other country, maybe its GERMANY . I like to learn your language too.
Any way, I think We can be good friend and help together." ofcourse I week in English"
Excuse me if I mistake word.
Best regards.

Hi Mehdadkamkian,

thank you! And success with your English studies.



My name is Maurílio and I’m from Brasil. I would like to meet people to talk and make news friends.

Best regards

Hi Maurilio,

thanks for answering me and good luck with your endeavors!

Hi Jecha
are you an english teacher in Germany Jecha?

Yes, I’m an English teacher in Germany, but mainly a translator and interpreter.