Check this letter: Today my boss asked me to write an investigation and...


Today my boss asked me to write an investigation and to send him a feedback. As soon as I finished the investigation I had sent him the message below. I just want you to check the grammar and how I can write better message than the one written below.

We did the investigation for the issue and found out that one of contractor labor went to the processing area and used Rabea 315 instead of Rabea Levant 10704.

As soon as production started the line they realized that the tea is wrong and immediately stopped the m/c and gave sample to TL to check it.

According to John he did not get the green light from accounting department to start the production and all his staff were in a meeting with at that time.

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Hi Everyone,

We are here to learn from each other. I would appreciate if someone can help me to reply on the above message.

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