Check mine: More money on library or on sports activities?

Please check my essay below. Thanks in advance.

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

Universities should give the same amount of money to their students’ sports activities as they give to their university libraries.

If a university has limited resources and has to decide to spend more money either on library or on sports activities, which aspect will it choose to invest? In my opinion, a university should give more money to its library than to students’ sports activities, as library is indispensable for students and expensive to operate.

Library has a paramount importance to students. They go to library to find supporting materials that help them understand their lectures more thoroughly. They also find helpful reference materials for their assignments there. In addition, students go to library to discuss their lessons with their classmates, or to meet to plan and carry out a teamwork project. Library is also a perfect place to study independently or to revise for exam, as there is hardly noise or disturbance. Therefore, in a university, library is the best place to achieve knowledge.

Library is great, but operating it is costly. To provide students with most up-to-date information and knowledge, library must spend a huge sum of money to buy new books annually. Library also has ancient books that are invaluable for students; however, those rare books cost a lot to preserve. Furthermore, university has to pay librarians and technical staffs to run a library. As library is expensive to operate, university should spend more money on it than on sports activities.

Many people argue that as sports help students relax and maintain good health, they are as important as library. Therefore, universities should spend the same amount of money on both. I find this argument unconvincing. While students can only go to the university’s library, they have many places to play sports outside the campus. They can play basketball in their neighborhood, walk on the nearby park, or go swimming in the town’s pool. More importantly, students go to university to study, not to play sports. Their minds, not their muscles, need practicing there. Thus, at university, library is more important than sports facilities, so it is worthy of more money.

As library is of paramount importance and is expensive to run, university should spend more money on it than on sports activities. A fully equipped library would greatly enhance the study at university.

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Good essay =) I couldn’t find any mistakes.

‘Library’ takes an article. It should be ‘a library’ or ‘the library’.

The plural is ‘libraries’. (libraries are great… , libraries must spend…)