Chat room

Dear Mr Torsten,
It seem that we don’t have any chat room (all learners can talk directly together), do we? because i want to improve my speaking skill and grammar. Why don’t you creat it? :slight_smile: i think it’ll be very helpful for us. Besides, all of us can make friend together easier :slight_smile:

I don’t like to chat in English. It will be too many typing mistakes and then noone would understand it.

Please listen to my recording and respond with a voice message too. Many thanks.

hihi…hi Michal,
I have just listened ur voice record and i also think so :slight_smile:
And maybe Maria is right when to said that we’ll make many mistakes if we chat together. But i think if someone have mistakes when chatting, others can help them to right and make good those shortcomings. We chat to learn, don’t we? :wink:
Anyway, nice to meet you all!

The biggest objection to chat rooms would be an invasion of morons.

You know the type I mean.

Word goes out on the grapevine that there is a new chatroom, AVAILABLE TO EVERYONE, and there you have the start of the destruction of the site.

It’s not my place to veto such an admirable idea, but I honestly think it is a NO-NO guys and gals.


I have a different opinion about this issue: I prefer chatroom than forum because in chatroom you talk in real time. You are obligated to think and write as quick as possible and it gives you stimulations to face a real conversation in English. It doesn’t happen here in forum. If you make a mistake during the conversation you’ll perceive it.

Hi Tomasito,

For learners of English real time chatrooms are a big challenge for one single reason: Once you have written something you usually don’t and correct it. This reinforces bad typing habits and poor grammar. Of course we have ‘real conversations in English’ here on the forum. I think the word you have in mind is ‘real-time conversations’.[YSaerTTEW443543]

TOEIC listening, photographs: A couple walking through the wood[YSaerTTEW443543]

I agree with Torsten, but disagree with Kitos.

The real- time conversation makes us think ! You have to talk, you have to think of a word, you have to make a proper grammar construction. If you just write here on the forum, you can correct your mistakes and check it (during the real-time discussion if we hear that someone makes a mistake, we can correct him/her as well).

Kitos, the webmasters can make another webpage (connected with the forum) that will be separated and will not affect our forum (if it’s possible. anyway, is this website donated somehow??) . Don’t worry, Kitos! :slight_smile:

Some time ago (when skype cast existed) I proposed to meet at chatrooms there (skypecasts) but now they’re not avaivable :frowning:

The same thing is with the voice recorder. I had to record the message 3 times because I made few mistakes :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t wanna wake up my roommate now- that’s why you have to read this text :smiley:

What do we call a real time conversation? This term seems to be cause of our problem. I think that a real time conversation is when two or more people talk together without waiting for a long time to get the feedback. It is something like: I make you a question and you have to answer immediatly. This is what I call a real time conversation. I agree with all of you who say that in chatroom we don’t have time to correct what we write and consequently it creates a bad spelling. This is one disadvantages of chatroom. However a real conversation in a chatroom can expand our vocabulary, and we start to use those words which we have never used before.

Hi Michal (?)
Yes, what you said is what i thought. This’s called reflection. So, do you know which web page for chat in public? and if there’s still any chatroom in skype? I tried to find some web page like that but it’s not still satisfy me :frowning: If you know, can u tell me? tks in advance!
P/s: at first, when i read ur reply, i also thought why u didn’t record ur voice and i knew why now… :slight_smile:

Hi Tomasito,
Tks for ur clearly explanation ( i confused about this phrase a bit). And as i said, chatting can help us have a reflection ability. Do you all agree with me that if we meet a foreigner and have to talk with them, we must say and answer immediatly without thinking or check what we said again? That is what chatroom can makes for us. :slight_smile:

Please listen to my recording and respond with a voice message too. Many thanks.[YSaerTTEW443543]

TOEIC listening, photographs: An African child on a tree[YSaerTTEW443543]

That was not in mp3 format. I can’t download the file… :frowning:

That’s a good news Tosten. I think adding a chat system this site will be complete and it also bring more people into

Dear Mr Torsten,
I’m so happy to hear about your recording. And i hope that we all have a chatroom as soon as posible. I’m sure that our web page will attract member as well as guest more and more

For those people who didn’t manage to do download the mp3 recorded by Tosten, here is the transcript:

Hello every one!
Thank you very much for sharing your opinions on the question:
Whether or not we should implement a real time chat rom.

I think you are right: a real time chat rom of course is very availiable feature for
people who whant to get answers and information straight away.
So yes, we are working on adding a real time text chat feature.
It might take a couple of weeks until it becomes availiable but it will be sooner than later.
Of course there is difference betwen writing something in a forum and using a real time chat room. I think both have their own benefits and different people have different views.
So we, yes, we are going to add a real time text chat room.

Now I see the point. All clear:)

Loverose, skypecast does not exist anymore. So does the website. It used to work some years ago (2? I don’t remember). If you wanna have some conversation with me, just let me know. We could have a talk on Skype anyway ! I just have to create an account on skype. If someone wants to have some talk, be welcomed !


Good morning folks. I’m happy for you all that Torsten has agreed to having a chat room

My second thought is that I hope you don’t come to regret it.

With peoples ability to change e-mail addresses and Forum names at the drop of a hat, I shudder to think of the possibilities of misuse. In the last forty-eight hours we have had two new members already appearing to be offensive to reputable posters.

I appreciate that you wish to benefit from a pleasant exchange of ideas, but there are those whose only wish is to disrupt all of the good work that Slava and Torsten will have to take upon themselves to comply with your wishes.

A moderator’s nightmare may well come about.


Hi Kitosdad,

I myself joined in a live chat room almost one year ago and am there quite often. The site that offers this opportunity provides the user with two possibilities:

1st - there is a chat room that is adminstered and you have to register and can be banned from.

2nd - there is another room you just have to choose a nickname and enter

Guess which room is most frequented? And guess in what chat room is the better English written?

#1 wasn´t so much crowded since #2 has been new inserted and ppl there had been free to insult and much weird things to treat each ohter. :shock: And believe me, even in the cyber rooms there are groups of persons who does. Prayer mills…uneducated and ppl with lower skills in the English feeling insulted from every English sentence because they didn´t understand anything. People writing in their native language instead of trying to improve in English fuzzed around and always send sounds like silly childish jerks. On the other hand you also can meet very friendly people who are seriously interested in increasing in knowledge and additional like to chat to kind ppl all over the world. And that within both rooms. But after all the 1st one (the adminstered one) is definitely the more pleasant one.

Finally, I´d say, live chat can be very useful in learning demand and pleasant at the same time. It all depends on the user joint in. Hence, why not try it.

Just don´t forget to return to a site where good English is written and you can obtain great support like here.

Could be nice to meet each other live.

Hi Micha,
with great pleasure if I can talk to you as well as other friends :). My Skype Id is the same to my username of this site, u can find and add my nickname. Hope to see u soon :smiley: