Changing nicknames?


Just to let you now.

Any forum’s member has the right to change his/her nickname at any time with no losing their post (profile).

But it seems that the forum platform doesn’t normally support changing nicknames by forum’s users and each time just adds additional user record.
(The next profile contains links to all posts, whereas the post counters ‘see’ only posts written by the ‘current’ name). … 2ADelta%2A … ile&u=3318 … ile&u=3262 … ile&u=2925

One user, three different user records, where the last one (current) covers all previous.

Hi Tamara, if you search for nicknames using the ‘wild card’ function, the system shows you all user profiles containing a particular word.
You can’t change nicknames, you can only create a new profile. That’s what Delta has done at least three times so far.


Hi Slava

With this version of the software we can’t? Hmm.

About wildcards, I understand. The last choice of the nickname was quite tricky. :slight_smile:

Thank you, Slava, for your explanation. And sorry to trouble you with no sound cause :slight_smile:

Hi Tamara, please do continue to ask us any questions regarding the forum. Any feedback from you is important to us and certainly helpful for other forum users.



By the way, I also didn’t know that the forum’s DB is indifferent (not sensitive) to lower-upper cases in user names. Now I’ve successfully entered my own profile with ‘tamara’ and with tAMARA. :slight_smile:

So, as I understand, no one can create accounts like ‘tamara’, ‘TAmara’, ‘TaMaRa’, ‘TamarA’ etc
Great! :slight_smile: :wink:

Slava, but what will happen if someone changes the name in the profile and send the change? (The line seems to be accessible for changing…)

The password? E-mail address? (As far as I remember, in one of the old versions of the software it could result in the lose of the account at all… )

The very last stupid question for today :slight_smile:

What will happen with the user profile (and new users) if someone creates a user with the name ****** (and the like) ?

(Sorry, I haven’t time to try. Have to go. :slight_smile: )

Hi Tamara
You certainly seem to know a lot more about software than I do or ever will! :smiley:

[size=92]By the way, I think you might have meant “…result in the loss of the account completely.”
(The phrase ‘at all’ is usually used in negative or interrogative sentences)[/size]

aMy 8)

We’ve now activated the profile name function which means you can change their user name keeping all your posts. You can also change your email address and other profile information without losing your account.

Then that user’s nickname will be ***** or whatever combination of signs, letters and numbers they choose.

Am*, thanks a lot for your correction :slight_smile:

Slava, thanks, I’ve tried and now satisfied. Completely :slight_smile:

The account *, all changings worked fine (but re-activation has just taken some more time than activation :slight_smile: Sorry… :))

Total posts: 0
When asked ‘Find all posts by *’ normally provided 2214 pages of forum’s users’ posts.

…Thanks for your patience :slight_smile: