CELTA student from Stoke (UK)

Evenin’ all.

My name’s Doug, I’ve been studying TEFL/TESOL for a while, and am now partway through a CELTA course in Chester. To help with my studies, and to meet other people in a similar situation, I thought it a good idea to register on one or two forums and make myself known a bit =)

I am hoping that by joining in here and helping out people who have problems with English, I can improve both my awareness of problems people have, and my ability to find solutions for them.

So, I’m gonna be very busy for the next few weeks with CELTA, but once this is done, I am here to help =)

Hi Doug,

Your letter is very useful for me to learn many vocabulary. I hope you can teach me to learn and how effectively way to learn E.
My E is not very well. I want to talk , hear and write influently.
Look forward to get your feedback soon.


Hey Doug,
I too am a newish poster in these parts. My quick question to you is that I’m looking into a CELTA course next month before leaving these shores for new pastures, but seeing as you are currently in it I thought it would be a good idea to see what to expect?

are you doing full time? how far into it are you? generally how’s it going?
very simply…what skills/knowledge/experiences are you gaining?

Sorry for all the questions :smiley:

It’s a full time intensive course, 8:45am until 6:00pm Monday-Friday for about four and a half weeks.

As for what to expect… if you’re doing a course similar to mine, cancel ALL other activities you normally do. Social life, hobbies, it all has to go on hold. I get up at 7:30, and get to college for the 8:45 start. We have teaching practice until 12:30, which usually overruns into lunchtime. Then from 1:30 until 6:00 we learn about various teaching things: classroom management, phonetics, grammar, tenses, etc. And then I go ‘home’ and spend the evening working on assignments and preparing for the next lesson I’ll teach.

Seriously, it is VERY intensive, with very long days. But don’t get me wrong, it is enjoyable, and definitely do-able. I would recommend it to anyone with the stamina =)

Skills… well, confidence is given a big push here. The first few times you give lessons (to real students, which helps a lot) can be scary, but once you find your feet it’s really enjoyable. You also learn the phonetic ‘alphabet’, how to structure various types of lesson, the grammar and tenses themselves, etc.

Knowledge… well, there are people doing this course who have been teaching for years, and even they are finding that there is a lot of new information being gained.

Experiences… I think I’ve covered this in general so far. The whole course is an experience in itself. It’s a big challenge, and worth every bit of difficulty.

Well to be honest that’s all good news. The intensive stuff I’m prepared for and am already taking steps to cut out anything else out of my life for the 4 week period.

Did you have any experience beforehand that helped? Not such an important question but am just interested :wink:

and finally…what (or where) are you going to do once you’ve finished the course?

Well I’d done a 20-hour weekend TEFL course with i-to-i (weekendtefl.com) and am partway through the 100-hour online course (also by i-to-i - onlinetefl.com), so I had a basic understanding of the various aspects, but nowhere near as detailed (of course) as this.

I also have a City & Guilds 7302 Certificate, which was a general Teaching-to-Adults evening class, which has also helped a little, but isn’t really a neccessity.

After I’ve done this, I’ll be working for a year or so in the UK (EFL/ESL or not) to save up some money, pay everything off, etc, and then I intend to move out to Brazil and (hopefully) find a teaching position out in Brasilia that I can do.

i to i?
yeah I saw that too. What’s it like doing it online?

Brasil eh? sounds exotic. How’s your Portuguese?

ps I think that’s all from me on the questions front :slight_smile:

Hehe that’s fine, I’m here to share any knowledge I might have =)

Studying online… it’s ok. You don’t get quite the kind of interactivity you get from a ‘real’ (for want of a better word) course, but you can work at your own pace, aren’t stuck to a routine.

My Portuguese… is terrible. The basics (“Hello” “How are you?” “Fine thanks, and you?” “What have you done today?” and “See you later”), and a few other random pieces. That said, I was in Brazil for three and a half weeks over Christmas and New Year, and managed to get my hotel sorted, hire a car, buy food, travel around, even go to church, and got by thanks to my instincts, translation dictionary, and pure luck =D

As for exotic… it was unbelievable. Every little thing is just slightly (at least) different, it’s quite surreal.

Hi guys

As an ex-CELTA guy (Berlin) I would say the practical, in the deep end experience is invaluable.
The small peer groups and regular feedback keeps you honed and on your toes. It may take a month or so after the course before everything sinks in.

Also it is worth considering the CerTEB if you plan to teach Business English. But maybe after a year or two down the line with CELTA.

Any more concrete tips you want let me know, and power to your elbow, the hardest and best course to prep you guys for the whole ESL/EFL teaching shabang.

cheer stew.t.


I am from São Paulo.

Do you move out Brazil? It´s great. Can you explain, why do you think my country surreal? I am just curious!

beijos :smiley:

Hehe, well it was just that all the little details are slightly different. The shape and colour of the grass and plants, the colour of the earth, the wildlife (lizards, etc), the roads (so many dirt roads in city centres) and way people drive (it’s so much fun!). And the people are so friendly (even in Brasilia, where Brazilian people say is unfriendly)! It’s definitely a good thing, I enjoyed it very much. =D

Hi Doug,
Yes, Brazil has very beautiful landscapes and Brasília has a wonderful sky too. I live in São Paulo, a big city and you can find all kinds of people here, differents cultures like the big centres all around world. And thank you! I think, that brazilian people are very friendly. :wink:

Am hoping to do a CELTA in the next few months and Chester would be a really convenient centre for me. Do you have a website or anything for the centre? or any details?

Hello Doug,

I am now studying for TOEFL iBT Preparation test. I found that my listening skill and vocabulary id very poor. So, Could you please help me with that? Millions of thanks in advance for your help.

im very interested in applying for a celta but my english is not up to standard do u have any tips for improving my grammar and understanding. in an interview i was on i was given a series of sentences that apparently had mistakes in them for the life of me i could not see any problem with the sentences i dont know if i just froze in the interview or what any help would be appreciated thanks

hello everybody

if you did the Celta in Sofia (Bulgaria) would you please tell me how you felt about it?