CBT TOEFL scores

Can you, please, tell me how the essay score is added to the score from the other 3 sections?
I read that 30 points are the maximum for each of the tree sections. So 30*3=90 max.
The formula is: (x/3)*10, so (90/3)*10=300 max for the tree sections. However, 300 is the max for the whole exam (four sections), so where does the score from the essay go?
Thanks in advance :wink:

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The score from the essay is actually a part of the structure section. Depending on what grade you receive on your masterpiece ( :slight_smile: ) you are given points which are added to the score of your structure .

I know that it may vary, but can you tell me approximately what part of the score on the “Structure/Writing” section is for stucture and what - for writing? :slight_smile: Are they 15-15?

I think that a perfect structure is about 13pts but I am not sure… sorry :roll: