casual talk

Hello every one,
This is kiranmayi,new to this forum, I’m very bad at English, i want to improve myself.
I wrote some essays, they were very bad, im lacking basic english skills, like organizing the topic, construction of sentences and mainly vocabulary. i need guidance from you people, what kind of books should i read to improve my language.

thank you so much

What kind of books appeal to you the most?
Read them.
The point is if a book is so excruciatingly boring that you wouldn’t approach it even if it were in your native language (sort of a ‘doomed to collect dust on the shelf for eternity’ type of book), then chances are you will fall asleep before you read the first paragraph of said book in English.
Find a page-turner instead - a sort of book that you can’t put down once you’ve begun to read it. In this case the interesting breath taking plot outweighs your troubles with the language and you will continue reading it despite the difficulties you’re facing while reading it.

Start with some interesting stories, biographies of people that appeal to you, magazines like reader digest, funny witty articles or just about anything which you like. Goodluck!