Career change

Here you can see the first career of Dr. Paul Winchell, who invented the first artificial heart. … 3081775684

Here you can read about his life.

The man had quite a career change!

Migod, Jamie, you sure know how to rev up the ol’ nostalgia!

Curtis James Jackson III also had quite a career change, innit?

Another “career” changer:

Going from drug dealer to rapper isn’t really what you’d call a career change.

I just did.

How about from weatherman to totalitarian dictator? Enough of a career change for you, J? But who was it?

Or how about from terrorist bomber to university professor and Obama supporter?

Yeah, that’s good one.

From shipyard worker to president?

These are all excellent examples of upward movement (well titular advancement anyway, in a couple of those cases), but I wonder about the cases where, for instance, someone became president of a company or a country and ended up – not in jail or otherwise villified… plenty of known cases of that – but decided to step down and become a farmer, janitor, pool maintenance technician, ditch-digger, etc.?

Are there people who get so sick of that limelight/pressure/prestige and opt for lower-level occupations?

like how about:

From Sales VP of a publicly traded company to lemonade-stand operator at the corner of Elm Street and Birch Road?

Yeah, of course. Some of them become ESL teachers.

I’m told that Kieślowski finally gave up fiim making and went back to being a shoemaker.

Sure there are, Tom. We all know the most famous example:

Surely the most famous is Nixon.[/img]

An error page?

No, it is, as it says, a picture of Nixon. How does one post an image here?

If you answer a post, you’ll find the ‘Img’ button underneath the subject header (the line where you can change colour, size etc).

And what is the process?

I don’t think the Img button works for an .htm file. Why on earth not? No idea really. (Maybe Alex knows.)

So as not to be accused of being off-topic, do you think Nixon might have had a show biz career in mind when he quit?