Care vs. Mind

Hello! How is it going?

There seems to be a slight difference between
Do you care? and Do you mind?

1.- Do you care?=Are you concerned?

2.- Do you mind?= Do you object?

I get the sencond one but though I understand
the meaning of ‘concern’ I can?t understand
the first one. So, would you mind
explaining to me this difference, please? Maybe an
example helps me…

Thanks a lot!


Hi jesus1,

The main difference between caring and minding is that caring suggests being bothered and minding means objecting as in:

A Do you care if we go out for the day and leave you at home?
B We don’t care at all. You go and we’ll have some peace in the house.

A Do you mind if we hold a late night party next week? Have you any objection?
B No, I have no objection - I really don’t mind as long as you ask me along as well.


Thanks a lot, Alan!

I would like to learn the use of ask me along. Could you please tell me if my sentences are all correct?

1- Yesterday, she went shopping and did not even ask me along.

2- If you go to see her you may as well ask me along.

3- She will never ask you along if she is eating anything.

4- If you have to do all this you may ask me along.

5- They enjoyed themselves so much and did not even bother to ask me along.


Hi Tom,

They look all right to me.