care for or care about?

The girl only think of herslef. She never ____ others.
A. care for B. care about

Hi Vaok

I’d choose “care about” there. That would indicate that she shows no concern.

I might use “care for” negatively to indicate a gereral distaste or dislike of something or someone. For example:

  • She doesn’t care for liver, so she never eats it.
  • I really don’t care for Mary and her husband, so I never socialize with them.

Sorry, is it just a typo? It should be “cares” not “care,” either way.

Yes, it should be “cares about”. Thanks, Barb!
In addition, the word “think” should also be “thinks”.

Would the second example be possible?

She never cares about her own health.
?She never cares for her own health.

So what about this:

The girl only thinks about herself. She doesn’t _____ others? care for or care about? thanks.

Hi Vaok

To me, those two sentence mean basically the same thing as what you first posted. Thus, I’d use “care about”.