Car (s) - I have no car[s]


Please read:

1.I have no cars.
2.I have no car.

I think both are correct but I don’t know what is the difference in meaning btw them. Please help me.



You asked:

Is this some kind of joke?

Are you telling me you don’t know the difference between car and cars?


Quoc, don’t you really know the difference? :shock:



1/ I have no cars. = I don’t have cars

or: I have no cars. = I don’t have any cars ?

Or both are possible?

2/ I have no car = I don’t have a car.

3/ I have no sugar = I don’t have sugar = I don’t have any sugar.




May I ask what is the point of your question?


Hi Alan,

I don’t understand what you mean. For me, I don’t know when:

NO+ CN or UN (1)
NO +CN (when with “s”, when no “s”) (2)

How to write (1), (2) with not?



In all honesty I don’t understand you.


I have no car sounds more natural – especially if you want to emphasise your lack of one or are particularly unhappy about it.

I have no cars – this would sound okay in a society where people often have more than one car, I guess.

Hi Quoc,

This looks like some kind of secret algorithm to me. Whom are you trying to impress with your questions? We have tried several times to tell you that you should put content over grammar. A language is an organism that functions only if you use it as a whole.

You act like some kind of surgery student who enjoys ripping apart bodies and then calls for his professors to put them back together.

Where did you obtain this learning style? Do you really think this is effective?[YSaerTTEW443543]

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I have no car but ‘I?ve got’ :smiley: a very good
impression of this site

:wink: :wink:

Enjoy Saturday!