"Can't stand" in a past tense

Hello! How are you?

Can I use ?can?t stand?in a past tense?

Like this:

1.- I couldn?t stand it anymore!

My second question has to do with
‘couldn?t stand’ as well.

I know I can use ?can?t stand? with situations,
but can I use it with people as well?
And in a past tense?

2.- I couldn?t stand you anymore!

Thanks again!


Hi Jesus
Construction" couldn’t stand" is Ok.

Hi Jesus

Just a comment:

Using “couldn’t stand you” (i.e., it’s in the finished past) would make sense if things are now different and you can stand the person again.


Hi, Amy!

Thanks a lot for your reply!

But, I still have another question to ask about it.

You say I can stand that person again,
but does it happen with situations as well
if I use 'couldn?t stand??

Example: I couldn?t stand it anymore.

Does it mean I can stand it again?

Sorry, Amys or Amies,
which means ‘friends’ in
French?. :roll:

Thanks again and again!

Hi Jesus

Yes, it could also apply to situations.

For example:
Let’s say your kitchen faucet had been dripping for a couple of months, but you just put up with it instead of getting it repaired. And then one day you just couldn’t stand listening to the constant drip, drip, drip anymore so you called a repairman and finally got the faucet repaired. And now it doesn’t drip anymore… and therefore the “can’t stand” situation is gone and you’re “friends” with your faucet again. :lol:.