Can you think of a bigger mess than Brexit?


Do you think there is anyone on this planet who has the mental capacity to imagine any political event messier than Brexit? I don’t.


Hello, sir. Why do you think that Brexit is the messiest political event?


Were I the mirror of Snow-White´s step mom and Brexit asked: What is the messiest political event in the world? I´d answer: You, excellency, no doubt. But … there has been an election far away on the other side of the big pond in which an orange haired beast has been elected. This is at least the same evil as you are…:rofl:


I’ve just finished a telco with Theresa, Angie and Donald and here is what we have agreed on:

  1. We will postpone Brexit for 25 years

  2. Once Brexit will be completed in 2050, negotiations will start on an annexation process which eventually will result in Great Britain being absorbed into the UAE (United States of America and Europe) which is to be founded within the next two weeks.

  3. The Northern Irish accent will become the standard in the entire American-European empire except for Saxony where Arzgebirgsch will become the only acceptable means of communication

  4. Further improvements to our plan will be announced in due course


Will we build “the wall”?


Yes, as soon we have successfully annexed the United Kingdom and the United Arabic Emirates and re-united North with South Korea and South with North America and Northern Ireland with the Republic of Ireland.


Actually, I do not understand, sir

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Are you joking, sir? Or you are serious?
Great! Ha ha ha…Joking…ha ha ha…

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What the wall will you build? Is it between Brtain and other EU countries? Ha ha ha…

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Joke aside, I’m really impressed, thrilled and humbled by all the all the brave and intelligent British citizens who took part in the Put-it-to-the-People march in London yesterday. According to the organizers more almost a million people took the street yesterday which is a clear sign that there is hope after all. :smiley::muscle:


Hello Mona. It is a bit crazy to explain what I meant by “will we build the wall?” It has to do with experience we made particularly here in Gemany after WWII. Germany has been departed into two pieces: western part and eastern part. And we had a cold war between western countries and the USSR. This “Wall” has become an idol for seperation. Right now, USA under the leadership of DT is about to build a wall to southern american countries in order to insulate themselfs from southern american Migrants and Europe is about to build an imaginary wall against ppl that flee from poverty and harrassment by there their own governments.
This was my sarcastical question if Europe also would build a wall. Since nowadays it seems common again to build walls against other nations rather than find compromises and agreements.


Torsten, as we say here: your words into god´s ear canal. or as arabic people said: Inshallah.


Thank you very much, sir. I’m so sorry. I do not know about all those global events. Actually I have no way in politics. So you were comparing Germany after WWII wall with today’s political decisions. I 'm not a well cultured person. Excuse me, sir, what are the positive and the negative aspects of Brexit? I mean why people in Britain (Britainnians or English people) voted for Brexit at first, then they voted against Brexit? Why is Britain leaving the European Union? It is a quoted no answer question from the following site Brexit: All you need to know about the UK leaving the EU - BBC News.


Ha ha ha…Even I do not understand the wishes of both of you, Sir Miot and Sir Torsten! Ha ha ha…


I hope that, everything will be okey. Is it true that people took the street in order to refuse Brexit?

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The thoughts of Donald Trump. :smiley: