Can you tell me something about Formula One?

I like Formula One very much,and I am Schumi’s fans.But I want to know more things about Formula One .Do you like Formula One?Can you tell me everything you know?Thank you!!

this is what i know.

formula one is a bit one sided, you get a known fast car like ferrari, they will spend big bucks on having you win. also wherever you start is usually where you finish if you dont crash that is. the racing seems fun especially when the center of gravity is sitting just above the wheels or at the wheels center. if you want to know more, google it

That is so great !!!

i’ve been fan to F1 since 2 year ago that mean i don’t know so much about it :lol: but i compleatly sure next year shumager (sorry i have not idea how to spell it) could be champion again 8) but i would like more competition between drivers make him harder. come on Alonso, Barrichello,and Kimi …run faster

I agree with yuo that i compleatly sure next year Schumi could be champion again !And I think Kimi is very powerful!

I am Formula One’s fans,too.I love Schumacher very much.I think Schumi will be best.Kimi is the second,he is very prety,so I like him.

Let’s be friends!go !!!

  1. I support Montoya forever!!!

:roll: I like schumi very much as well as my classmate.She said that he is the best F1 driver in the world.One day ,I tear schumi 's photograph,she cry all day. :lol: