Can you do me a favour? vs Do you me a favour?

What is the difference between …
Can You do me a favour?
do you me a favour?
Do me a favour?

Only the first sentence is correct (apart from the incorrect spelling of ‘you’). Also, I would add Can you do me a favour please? The second phrase is completely wrong and the third lacks some words. Where did you find the second and third phrase? It seems that you created them yourself. If so, why do you think they are correct?[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Or as Yoda would say: “A favour, you will do me.”

Mr.Toresten what about this : could you do me a favour please ?

The reduction : Codja do me …

Is it right?

Could is always better than can in making request…

Thank you alot Mr.

thnx all of You buddy

Or you can say " give me a favour"

It’s new to me.

“Do me a favour?” typical of colloquial Brit speak.

I’ve heard that lots of people use it here in the UK

I see. Thank you.

No worries

‘Give me a favour’ is incorrect, whether or not you are in the UK.
“Do me a favour” is widely used in the UK as a shortened form of “Could you do me a favour,”

Also common is
“I’m going to do you a favour.” but NEVER “I’m going to give you a favour” unless the meaning of ‘favour’ is a small inexpensive gift given as a keepsake, as in the term ‘party favours/ party favors’


It’s worth noting that ‘Do me a favour!’ is also used to suggest the idea of ‘You must me joking!’.

Look at this:

A I hear that you are going to sell your house and go and live on a desert island.

B Do me a favour! Whoever told you that ridiculous nonsense?


“Do me a favor” can also be used sarcastically,
For instance you can say to a person who’s been annoying you with stupid talk:
“Listen, do me a favor - shut the hell up”

Also, there’s another expression that is considered slang, and means exactly the same as “do me a favor”:
Do me a solid

as we are talking about can and could

i found this sentence

that black thing in the sky (can - could) be a bird

choose the correct answer.

i think could is better, isn’t it ?

Actually, either is possible, but you are right-- ‘could’ is a much better choice.

thanks very much.