Can you describe this photo (washing machine)?

So what do you see in this photograph? I’ll start with the following sentence: [size=125]The washing machine seems to be new.[/size]


TOEIC listening, question-response: How long did you work at ATZ corporation?[YSaerTTEW443543]

It is white and clean. It has two switches on its control panel. The round door of the machine is opened. A man is looking inside the machine through the door. Looks like he sees something inside the machine.

is it his little cat jump into ?

the customer seems to be thoroughly examining the washing machine. he is wondering if it has enough space to wash all his clothes in one go!

The European customer is astonished to witness the finer finishings and the advanced technology combined in this washing giant which is MADE IN INDIA…!!

The man is telling his children that he’ll turn the machine off if they’re willing to behave better now.

He is hoping that this (refrigerator) will be better than his ex one!!!

the machine can not be operated with the door (lid) open…!?

Customer who stare at machine,have a soft smile on his face,brown short hair,grey shirt,and blue (dont know how to tell in English)

DE, you have a PM in your mailbox.

the man is wondering why anyone would call a washing machine, a refrigerator. That’s what I am wondering atleast and one of my teachers told me that if you are given a situation to describe, imagine yourself as a part of it!

Ok I have another comment

The man said :It is not your happy day I know , it is your turn , my hands got tired … by tomorrow you are going to wash my own underwear every day… I know that is difficult but this is your fate. so be patient!..