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Many teachers assign homework to student every day. Do you think that daily homework is necessary for student? Use specific reasons and details to support your answer.

Assignment is always an integral part of every studying program. However, daily assignment is a different matter and open to debate. Some think it is useful and necessary while others do not agree on this point. It is my opinion that students should be given homework every day. Because it will help students remember their lesson easier and longer, motivate them to study further and improve student’s independence.
To begin, daily assignment fosters student’s memory about lesson. ‘Practice makes perfect’, as a saying goes. The more and gradually students do exercises according to the certain lesson they have just learned, the easier and longer they can keep such a lesson in mind. One hand, it is quite feasible for students to memorize the short summary after every unit lesson as their homework. On the other hand, some students can find difficulties in learning all of the summary by heart as they reach examination time.
Second, daily coursework can motivate students. By doing assignment every day, student might understand their lesson deeply, which makes them more interested in in class activities and their study. For example, finishing reading in advance as an assignment, students can enthusiastically participate in discussion about the lecture in class. This increases the outcome of the students’ study in an effectual way. Some may take it for granted that this will not happen if students will not prepare their reading at home.
Finally, students can develop their self-reliance by completing their homework. Students can by themselves find variety of the effective ways to solve the problem they are faced with. Then, they will have no fear to deal with the same problem if it recurs again. They can stand on their own feet alone. This helps students more confident in working alone in future.
In conclusion, there seems no denial that daily assignment can bring out some sort of unpleasant experience, still it is important. As a result of fulfilling homework every day, students can contentedly get their study result they wish and enhance skills they might need in future life.

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Hi Jospeter, welcome to the forum. You have written a good essay, one that addresses the prompt correctly and includes some good reasons. I think having some more detailed or personal examples might make it even better. When I don’t see a “for example” or a “for instance”, that is a little bit of a red flag. Your writing is clear and understandable, but you do have some missing articles and a few word choice that are not quite right. Overall, I would rate this a 4 out of 5.

Thank you so much Mr. Luschen
i think i understand what u mean. Although i’ve learned so much about article, i’m still confused when to use it. i believe the good way to improve is reading more, right???