can you check my grammar? please

Hello, I am making an english version of my portfolio. I run the text through an online grammar checker, but if you could just please check if everything is ok, I would be very grateful.

" The calendar is designed for a croatian company called Dok-ing, registered for the production of robots and special purposes equipment. This company is one of the international leaders in production of machines for landmine clearance and together with its sister company, Dok-ing demining, is the largest commercial, humanitarian, demining company in South Eastern Europe. First version of the calendar was made for the year 2011 and the second for 2009.

Car on this render was designed for an East Eeurope car design competition called Autor. I put it in my portfolio as an example of rendering and modeling skills.

Next six pages contain three photos i took with my analog camera, Nikon f 60. Original version of the photo is followed by the retouched one.

Next three pages contain layout examples. The text in the layout is without real meaning. Pictures I inserted are photo retouching examples i did on my own photos. They where took with an analog camera Nikon f 60, scanned and after that retouched"

Thank you very much for your help!



I have already answered this HERE.