Can we use present continuous in this way?

We usually use the simple present to imply habitual actions.

Can we use present continuous in the same way?

Most of the time, it is moving smoothly.

Or should we use:

Most of the time, it moves smoothly.

Either sentence works, but they work better in different situations. The continuous works best in accounts, whereas the present simple is a good option for any habitual action.

We went to the bank last week. We go every Tuesday. And most of the time, you know, everything is moving smoothly. But Tuesday the computers shut down for a half-hour, the ATMs weren’t working and the lines were slow once service resumed.

That is an example in an account. Otherwise, the present continuous can be quite awkward. If someone asked what I did for fun, “I am running most of the time” would be odd. Obviously, it is not in progress here. But in the context of an account, the action is perceived as being in progress. “I never get to talk to you when you call, because I am running most of the time.”