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Question: We can get knowledge from news, but some people think we cannot trust journalists. What do you think? What qualities do you think a successful journalist should have?

Answer: Because of their prevalence, media have had a great impact on people’s lives in the modern life. While many people are thankful to media for being informative and knowledgeable, many cast doubts on the sources of information they obtain from newspapers or television programs due to suspecting journalists’ honesty. I am inclined to believe that audiences should access information through media critically.

To begin with, it is true that the majority of journalists have to follow their boss’ visions when they are on the duties and thus cannot convey everything honestly. Journalists usually do their job in themes, focusing on the youth for instance, or in a narrow scale owning to the allocation at work. This causes what happened to be broken into pieces to suit the limitation of their column or time broadcasted, bringing about unclear and inaccurate messages to audiences. Not to mention the fact that sometimes something can be changed to grab the audiences’ attention Moreover, advertisements, business, and sometimes politics are behind the scenes, so journalists might have to change what they are going to publish.
However, it seems unfair to generalize such a controversial field. Many journalists have fought for truth. The illegal activities of industrial corporations, who try to sneak the flaws in regulations to gain profits for their own, have been uncovered; cheatings in elections and stories about human trafficking or powerful people’s illegal actions have been journalists’ consistent and sometimes life-threating works. Those journalists have contributed to expose the truth, establishing more equal societies.

To become the successful journalists, some features could be considered as standards. First, writing ability is a must. This is not only to be proficient in writing language, but also able to transfer news brilliantly. Second, critical thinking and analyzing capabilities are highly regarded since these help journalists grasp and determine what is precious to be published. Finally, the eager to create good media also contributes to define successful journalists.
To conclude, media are dominant in our lives and information is immense. Having sharp minds when reading, or perceiving news through media, and being aware of messaging behind news can prevent audiences from being trapped by untrustworthy information.

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Hi Rose, I think this essay was definitely an improvement from your last couple. This seemed like a hard topic, with two slightly different questions, but you handled it very well, with a clear structure. A lot of my comments are suggestions rather than corrections per se, but you do have some minor errors in usage as well. Still, I think this would rate a 4.5 out of 5.

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Thank you so much. You are such a profestional teacher. I think the main reason which makes me confused is that I don’t know well about writing essays and good techniques to deal with specific question types. Could you suggest a good writing textbook?