Can I use "on the purpose of"?

When I wanted to express something like “in order to do sth”, I used “on the purpose of doing sth” in my email toady. I’m not a native speaker so I’m not sure whether it is correct.

I wrote the sentence like this:

“Please save the file on the purpose of using it again later on”.

I searched “On the purpose of” with and found some webpages containing this phrase, but still not sure it is decent.

If this is not a frequently used phrase, could anyone here give me a substitution?


‘On the purpose of…’ is never correct. ‘For’ or ‘with’ might be used with ‘the purpose of…’
‘Please save the file for the purpose of using it again later on,’ would be correct, but is needlessly ‘wordy’ in this context and unnatural to a native speaker.
‘Please save the file in order to use it again later,’ would be much more natural.

Got it, really appreciate your reply, Beeesneees, Thanks. :slight_smile: