Can I use I'd like followed by -ing form? Or is it better using the infinitive?

I say “I like playing the guitar” ( like+ verb in ing form), but I’m not sure if using
I’d like to play … or I’d lile playing.

Can I use I’d like followed by ing form ??? Or is it better using the infinitive?

Please, help me …

Though I’m not sure, In my opinion, “I would like to play” means you want/prefer to play the guitar now or in the near future . Where as I like playing the guitar means you normally enjoy playing guitars but it is not that you want to play it now .

To answer your second question ,I have come across a sentence like “No… I dont want to smoke now. Rather,I would like having a cup of tea.” , but not sure about its validity.

teachers , what do you say?

I agree with Bullet, but the last sentence sounds wrong: I would like having a cup of tea should be I would like to have a cup of tea.


  • With general statements, both I like to kill people and I like killing people are right.
  • With an actual plan or intention to do it, only I like to kill is right.

Would like:

  • Only she would like to kill me is right.