Can I put with verb PREFER and I use it in past continues?

Hi, my teachers!

first good night to all you. :smiley:

I have a small questionو and I hope you answer me, please!

can I put (ing) with verb prefer and I use it in past continues
like I was preferring write a small Ideas .

that right!! :?:


Hi Mba

It would be extremely unusual to use ‘prefer’ in the past continuous tense. You should use the simple past tense:

I preferred to write about small ideas. (one particular time in the past)


I preferred writing about small ideas. (many times in the past)


“Good night” is usually used to say “Goodbye”. To say hello at night or in the evening, you should use “Good evening”. :wink:

Interesting question.

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CBN 1099 But Bartleby by his refusal was preferring not to live.

Hi Tamara

The verb ‘prefer’ is not used in any of the continuous tenses terribly often. You’re more likely to find ‘preferring’ as just the present participle (rather than a continuous tense):

Preferring to have some peace and quiet for a change, I moved from the city to the country.


OK. Thanks.

Hi, Amy and Tamara!

Thanks amy about your explaining to this tense