Can I phrase the sentences in such ways?

  1. Did you encounter any bad/negative experience while you travel alone?
  2. I encounter a few bad experiences while I was there.
  3. I will try to accommodate the option you have selected to receive the money.
  4. We will accommodate you based on your convenience.
  5. We will accommodate your suggestion.
  6. We will accommodate whichever method/way you wish to receive the mail.
  7. We will try to accommodate the email receive method that you have selected.

Are the above sentences correct? Please advise.

There are the usual wrong tenses and singular/plural mismatches which you have been asked to pay attention to.

  1. experiences travelled
  2. encountered

Your use of ‘accommodate’ doesn’t seem to quite hit the mark. Possibly this is because you are trying to force the word into the sentences which would by and large be better without it. For example, in (7) how many methods would there be for email? Surely there wouldn’t be a choice. Possibly you mean something like:
We will try to accommodate your preference for using email to communicate with us.
3) I will try to accommodate your chosen method for receiving the money.
4) doesn’t make sense to me. I cannot understand the context in which you would use this.
6) We will accommodate you regarding the method…
7)We will try to accommodate yourchosen method of communication.
These would be better simplified without using ‘accommodate’:
3) I will try to send you the money by the method you have indicated.
4) We will try to make this transaction/communication/process, etc. convenient for you.
5) We will follow your suggestion.
6) We will send the letter/document, etc. by whatever method you wish to use.
7) We will try to send the informaion by email.