Can "happy" use like a noun?

Actually, happy is a adj , happiness is a noun. But in the song call “undo it” by Carrie Underwood, It had the line like “you took MY HAPPY and made me cry” . is it the right grammar ? (can we use “my happy” as a noun group). I argue with my friend that it is not the right grammar.

I don’t think happy can be used as a noun. In songs there is a lot of bad grammar.

I agree with Bagheera.

I’d think songs in nature have limitations in time and space. That’s why many brachylogies appear in songs and poems.

“you took MY HAPPY and made me cry” could be understood as “You took my happy (time/life/etc) and made me cry.”

Songs are not composed to teach you grammar, but you can make use of it in testing your grammar.

Thank you for your replies. I agree with all of you