Campiones! Campiones! OLE! OLE! OLE!

Congratulations to Spain! Champions of Euro 2008.

Very much so.


Yeah, Spain deserved to win!

I agree, but Germany played fairly well. Commiserations.

It’s a little strange here in Bilbao at the moment. All my Basque neighbours are asleep and I can hear the sound of distant car horns from the small contingent of Spanish revellers somewhere in the city.

I thought Spain were dominant in this game – so much skill with the ball, such fluid passing on the attack.

Casillas got them past the world champs (Italy) with two great saves in regular time and then two more in the PK round.

Against Russia, Spain were rampant. And again they looked very good. Congrats to Spain.

This next World Cup is shaping up to be awesome:

Brazil and Argentina, who always bring it

England, led by Fabio Capello, who has won titles everywhere he’s been

Germany, who are in ascendance again

Italy, led by WC 2006 winning coach Marcelo Lippi

Spain, who now know what it takes, and how good it feels, to win

Holland and Portugal, both of whom can beat anyone on their day

France, who will show some fresh talent

Croatia, who were impressive

There are ten teams that could win it all in 2010…

And will an African side crash the party?

I could see Nigeria, Ghana or Ivory Coast doing well… Cameroon or Senegal too. It just depends on which teams qualify.

Nigeria! :stuck_out_tongue:

there’s a lot to be said that has already been said…congrats to Spain of course. Best team in the tournament won it and that’s never a bad thing…

But I have a few German friends who complained that the media said they were rubbish and didn’t deserve to win. But in terms of German teams they aren’t the best and attacking they are ok but their defence was appalling and no team with that defence could ever hope to win such a competition.
Every replay I saw had them in the wrong places, miles apart of standing next to each other…against a team like Spain with pass and move they didn’t really stand much chance.
you knew that when they brought on Mario Gomez :wink:

We supported Spain, however people in Belarus were split into supporters of Germany and Spain. Champions were so fast, energetic and skillful!

And quite handsome. :wink:

Molly, I think it really might be Nigeria… plus, I’ve always liked green, so maybe I’ll cheer for them.

(unless they play italia or the US of course)

Is john obi mikel Nigerian?

Yes, he is.

This is the first thing I noticed. :slight_smile: I just didn’t want to ‘épater’ the audience.