Cambridge DELTA Course Recommended Reading Book List

Cambridge DELTA Course Recommended Reading List


Batstone, R. Grammar
Bygate, M., Tonkyn, A. & Grammar and the Language Teacher
Carter, R., Hughes, R., McCarthy, M. Exploring Grammar in Context
Leech, G. Meaning and the English Verb
Leech, G., Ivanic, R. & Cruickshank, B. An A to Z of English Grammar and Usage
Lewis, M The English Verb
Parrott, M. Grammar for English Language Teachers
Swan, M. Practical English Usage
Swan, M. & Walter, C. How English Works
Thornbury, S. About Language
Thornbury, S. How to Teach Grammar
Thornbury, S. Uncovering Grammar


Gairns, R. & Redman, S. Working with Words
Lewis, M (ed) Teaching Collocation
Lewis, M Implementing the Lexical Approach
McCarthy, M. Vocabulary
Schmitt, N. Vocabulary in Language Teaching
Thornbury, S. How to Teach Vocabulary


Dalton, C. & Seidlhofer, B. Pronunciation
Kelly, G. How to Teach Pronunciation
Kenworthy, J. Teaching English Pronunciation
Roach, P. English Phonetics and Phonology
Underhill, A. Sound Foundations


Cook, G. Discourse
McCarthy, M. Discourse Analysis for Language Teachers


Anderson, A. / Lynch, T Listening
Rost, M. Introducing Listening
White, G. Listening


Nuttall, C. Teaching Reading Skills in a Foreign Language
Wallace, C. Reading


Brown, G. & Yule, G. Teaching the Spoken Language
Bygate M. Speaking
Nolasco, R. & Arthur, L. Conversation


Hedge, T. Writing
Raimes, A. Techniques in Teaching Writing
White, R. & V. Arndt Process Writing
Tribble, C. Writing

Learning and Teaching

Bartram, M. & Walton, R. Correction
Baxter, A. Evaluating Your Students
Bowen, T & Marks, J. Inside Teaching
Ellis, R. Second Language Acquisition
Hedge, T. Teaching and Learning in the Language Classroom
Hughes, A. Testing for Language Teachers
Larsen-Freeman, D. Techniques and Principles in Language
Lightbown, P. & Spada, N. How Languages are Learned
Nunan, D. Language Teaching Methodology
Richards, J. The Language Teaching Matrix
Richards, J., Platt, J. & Platt, H. Longman Dictionary of Applied Linguistics
Richards, J. & Rogers, T. Approaches and Methods in Language Teaching
Scrivener, J. Learning Teaching
Swan, M. & Smith, B. Learner English
Willis, D & Willis, J (eds) Challenge and Change in Language Teaching

Course Design/ Materials

Dudeney, G. The Internet and the Language Classroom
Graves, K. Designing Language Courses
Nunan, D. Syllabus Design

Learning New Languages, Scovel
The Language Instinct, Pinker
Working With Teaching Methods, Stevicks
Language Two, Dulay/Krashen/Burt
How Language Are Learned, Patsy M. Lightblown & Nina Spada
The Grammar Book, Celcia-Murcia/Larsen-Freeman
Words and Rules, Pinker
Sound Foundations, Underhill
About Language, Thornbury
Discover English, Bolitho/Tomlinson
Principles and Practices in Applied Linguistic, (ed) Cook/Seidlhofer
Corpus, Concordance, Collocation, (ed) Sinclair/Carter
The Atoms of Language, Mark Baker
COBUILD Grammar, (ed) Sinclair
Practical English Usage, Swan
A Grammar of Speech, (ed) Brazil/Sinclair
An Introduction to Syntactic Theory, University of Pennsylvania
Working With Teaching Methods, Stevicks
The Lexical Approach, Lewis
Implementing the Lexical Approach, (ed) Lewis/Hill
The Natural Approach, Krashen
Learning Teaching, Scrivener
The Practice of English Language Teaching, Harmer
Challenge and Change in Language Teaching, (ed) Willis/Willis
Teacher, Ashton-Warner
Teaching By Principles, H. Douglas Brow
The Pedagogy of the Oppressed, Freire
Reflective Teaching in Second Language Classrooms, Richards
Doing Teacher Research, Freeman