Calling human beings 'animals'


According to Trump, 'immigrant gang members are “not people” but “animals”. The Nazis used to call people animals and Untermenschen (subhuman) and I had hoped that no nation will ever allow such language to be used – at least not in public. I’m very sad and shocked that apparently we have not made any progress in this regard at all. We have developed state-of-the-art technologies but all these innovations have not led to any progress in our development as human beings. I mean, would you really classify a country where it is politically and legally acceptable to call people animals as ‘developed’?
I wouldn’t.



God blesses you ,Sir Torsten.

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Well, I would say the US is developed, but civilized is another matter. But seriously, freedom of speech is extremely deeply engrained into the US psyche. Maybe this a bad thing, but at least it gives me the freedom to go to the nearest corner and tell everyone I meet that Mr Trump is an animal. There are a (very) few limits, but generally almost anything goes except for speech that implies an immediate threat to someone’s physical safety. So I can proudly fly a confederate flag from my flagpole, or even a nazi flag, though that won’t make me too popular in my neighborhood.



you have a point here, Torsten.
Man is not made to fly, though man managed to build planes as devices to overcome this inability. And people are proud about it and consider it natural human skills.
When you ask man to develope devices for a more human world you usually get the response, that they can´t. Intolerance and greed where natural and there were no aid against it.
Actually I am big fan of freedom of speech, but must everything what comes to mind immediately been spoken out before having thought about?



haha Luschen, spread your take on Mr.Trump in Twitter and I wonder what will happen to you. You know “wrestlemania” starts tonight. :rofl:



It would, certainly, be a savage act!

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