California burning

California is burning again causing billions of dollars in damage including power outages and deaths. How long will the Americans continue being led by a person who claims that global warming is a hoax invented by and for the Chinese? Please, wake up America :us: before it is too late.


It is high time each of us started contributing our mite to preserving this great planet for the coming generations!


I totally agree with you, Lawrence. For starters, we should all stop financing the fossil fuel industry and invest our time, energy and (tax) money into renewable energy sources.

β€œWe’re faced with ever-worsening climate change impacts worldwide.”
A serious sense of awareness of the enormity of the consequences of climate change needs to be instilled in the minds of all, particularly Y Gen and Z Gen. I’d suggest that the educational authorities incorporate β€˜How to Curb Climate Change’ as a subject in the curriculum on a global basis.

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