Buying a new car


One of life’s stressful experiences is changing your car for another or buying a new one. I’m slap bang in the middle of that experience as we speak. Two weeks ago there was I bombing along in my car (by the way I’m not going to mention any makes to protect the innocent), travelling I hasten to add at the correct speed, when suddenly I was robbed of power, well actually it was the car that was robbed. Not a nice feeling! By sheer luck I managed to swerve off into a small side track leading to a farm. Fortunately it (the car) momentarily revived and I manged to get it onto a legitimate side road and phoned for the road assistance people. Soon the mechanic arrived and stayed and stayed, eventually bringing the car back to life. But he had that puzzled look as if he couldn’t really believe what he’d done. The engine sounded puzzled, too. Anyhow we got home and now some £600 pounds later with a new petrol pump and module (whatever that is) I am now trailing around car showrooms pointing out that my car has a new pump and module to the sales people but they’re not impressed. They look in their car guides surreptitiously as though they’re perusing a battered copy of the Kamasutra and then offer paltry sums as part exchange. So far I have test driven a very noisy automatic. I said to the sales chap who was sitting in the back that I thought it was very noisy and he came back with the reply: ‘Sorry, I can’t hear you!’ Point made. I’ve also driven another car where the space between the pedals and the seat was so short that I felt my knees coming close to my ears. My last visit was to a very swish looking car show room where an enormous haystack of a man waddled up to us and offered a cup of coffee. He said we could have a look at the brochure and when we were ready, we should give him a shout and he would be hovering around in the showroom. I had this picture of this massive giant ‘hovering’ and must admit I couldn’t take things seriously after that. The car he offered us had so many gadgets on it of an electronic type that I could just imagine how much it would cost if or more realistically when one of them went wrong. Tomorrow is the big day when I am going to try yet another car. I have high hopes. I may find my dream car. We shall see.
What is it like for you when you try out a new car?


Good story, Alan!

Being a former skater, I must say my choice was made when I saw this addy :o

Ralf, I envy you the power to drive such a car! How many steaks does driving it need per 100 Kilometers? :smiley:

Alan, have your hopes (finding the right car) came true yet? Your pretty nice story shows much proficience as a car holder. As for me it´s easy to find a new car. 1st I´m looking for a several brand. Than I have a look at my bank account and see that I´m not allowed to be very fussy. So buying a brandnew car isn´t likely :shock: . Nonetheless, there are enough used cars from my preferred brand left alternative. The good news: those brand provides space enough and is known to be very reliable. Now the challenge is to find the right colour, outfit and equipment only. Last year it took me the half of it till I found ( not a dream but a satisfying model ) one. Good luck with your search.


By the way, Alan, the module is that stupid little thing that increases the expenses when buying or repairing your car. In your case, off 600 Pound it made 500, I think, didn´t it? :wink:

Hi Michael,

I just paid up and didn’t really examine the invoice - well there wasn’t much detail on it.


Hi Alan,

So what nifty little gadget did ya get?

Hi Ralf,

Still haven’t decided and keep trying to decide. It’s driving my wife mad!

Incidentally there is a so called panic at the pumps at the moment here because workers at a large refinery in the north of England have gone on strike and so it’s been closed down. As I’m doing a fairly long journey this week, I thought I’d fill up and while I was doing this on Saturday morning I tried desperately not to look panicked. As I walked away from the pump to pay, someone yelled at me and told me the car was leaking petrol. There it was disgracing itself and pouring out petrol. The petrol station had to be closed, all drivers on the forecourt pushed out because starting an engine could have started a fire and the fire brigade was called. Health and safety procedures were swung into action and the whole episode proved very educational. I phoned the garage that had fitted the pump and they towed the car away. One hour later it was restored to health and I was told a stopper (or whatever) had a small kink in it and allowed the petrol to escape. Pressure is now on to get rid of it. And now I’m stuck with a car in front of my house that has a tendency towards incontinence. Oh dear!


Hi Alan,

May I ask you what nationality your car is? This may lead to interesting conclusions…

Alan, my heart goes out to you.

I own a 1998 Mercury Mystique.

It has about 117,000 miles on it.

In the last year, I’ve spent well over a thousand dollars to do the following:

  • Install a new timing chain (belt, whatever)
  • Tune the engine (head gasket, new spark plugs, etc.)
  • Two new tires
  • Wheel re-alignment
  • New brakes

…but compared to spending at least $200 per month on a new car (more likely around $300 per month), this car is still fairly inexpensive.

Paying roughly $125 a month for those improvements isn’t too bad, considering what that new car payment would be.

Hi Tom,

well spoken, I´d say. I do have another point not to bought (correction by l.s. :slight_smile: ) a brandnew car. It´s its obsolescence. I mean, if you buied an new car for let´s say 25000( no matter what currency) its obsolescence will be of 6000-7000 (of the entire currency) the first year. That means you´d loose 500 to nearly 600 (currency) a month. :shock: Not to talk about the amount you have to spend to hold the guarantee.

What I always wonder: If I don´t spend that amount for a brandnew car (since I´m too tight fisted ) who shall do? And how can the automotive industrie survive? :?


Enough people have to bite the bullet and buy a new car to keep the auto industry afloat.

We don’t have to be among them though. hehe


Funny how car sales people offer you endless cups of coffee and other blandishments when the deal is, as it were, in the air and also while the crucial signing takes place. After that they can hardly give you the time of day. Funny also how you can never find out what happened to the car you traded in. They are too embarrassed to let you see what sort of profit they made.


Hi Alan,

Your last post reminds of this story of yours which contains a good portion of subtly humour. As for me, I’m quite glad I found a car salesperson who I can trust.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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