Buy a house or a business

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You have enough money to buy either a house or a business. Which would you choose to buy? Give specific reasons to explain your choice.

The issue of spending money effectively has dawn an endless discussion. Some people think that if they have enough money, they will put a house their first priority. Some other people want to buy a business instead. Personally, I will buy a business according to the following reasons.

First, what convinces me is that buying a business help people earn money. Obviously, the purpose of owing a business is to make profit from it. People pay money for a company or a store once, but after that, they manage and develop it, and then will have much money from it. Definitely, they can use that money to buy a house or other things they need. In deed, purchasing a business has much benefit that other things do not have.

Second, all the knowledge and skills people learn by running a business hold no less an important role. It cannot be denied that it is not easy for anyone to run a company, a restaurant or even a small store. People need knowledge about finance, accounting, marketing, vice versa. Moreover, they also need personal skills, such as networking skills, communication skills, and leadership skill to manage their own business. Owning a business is really a great chance for them to upgrade themselves.

Last but not least, when people use their money to buy a business, they also have the ability to help other people. As the owner of the business, they can hire current unemployed people to work. Consequently, they will reduce the unemployment rate in their city. In addition, if they can use their talents and innovative ideas to develop the business, they will directly or indirectly help the economy of their country grow. Therefore, the business benefits not only themselves but also other people and even their nation.

All things considered, I believe if someone has enough money, he or she should buy a business. I highly recommend people take my analyses into consideration when they use their money.

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