business terminology

I’ve got some doubts. Could anyone help me?
1 - Is it right to say “Incoming/Outcoming Invoices” when I want to describe the flow of invoices at a company?
2 - How do I call an appraisal of the number of diners eating a meal in a restaurant per day in order to make a report? I think it’s almost like we call the number of soldiers (effectives).
3 - Is it right to say “Earnings” to describe the total profits of a company within a determined period of time? Does it sound good when I say “Earnings Appraisal” when I want to describe the act of checking up the earnings and expenses of a company?


  1. “Incoming” and “outgoing” are fine for invoices. Or “accounts payable” and “accounts receivable”. Or “payables” and “receivables”.

  2. We don’t have a word for it. We’d just say, “number of diners”, “number of customers” or “number of patrons”. If you need to reduce it to one word, just use “diners”, “customers” or “patrons”.

  3. Yes. There are gross earnings and net earnings. I think what you’re talking about is an “earnings report” or an “earnings estimate”.

yes…that’s just it.
thanks jamie.