Bus service elimination plan.Toefl type 3.



The reading passage states that university has decided to discontinue the free student bus services because few student ride the buses and they are very expensive. The man thinks that this is not good idea .He provides two reasons for this .The first reason is that if university has changed its route more and more students will ride the buses. The second reason is that if lot of students will drive the car ,there will be more noise and traffic in the campus .As a result ,university has to expand student parking lot. That is why man thinks that this is not good idea.
Can I say this is terrible idea? Luschan.

Title edited again. By the way, Huriahkh, you might want to check the spelling ‘Luschen’ as you consistently make the same error.

Hi, yes you can say the man thinks that this is a terrible idea. I am sorry, but your recording only gave a few seconds of your speech. I think you summarized the reading well and also got the first reason correct. Your second reason is not quite correct - as an English saying says, you put the cart before the horse. The man is afraid that expanding the parking lot will encourage more students to drive to school, not the other way around.