Bulgarian Hello! My name is Katya. I'm working in England. I'm a baby-sitter...

My name is Katya.I’m from a small town in Bulgaria, but at the moment I’m working in England.I’m a baby-sitter and I’m looking after 2 year old boy-also Bulgarian.Now I’m living in Epsom.That is very nice place,all around is common,that is great,I’m happy to live here.We see sometime deers in the common when we’re going for a walk with the boy .
I really like to improve my English because I’d like to meet new people and I like to speak to them.Actually I hope to meet new friends here,in England.

Hello Katya…

My name is Vand and I would like to send/received e-mail for trainning my english.

Can we to change e-mails ?

Vand :lol:

that would be great if we write each other sometimes.But we need to be sure we write right.That’s why,please if somebody find something wrong in the written to correct us.Thank you!
katherine19@gmail.com is my e-mail


Thank you for answer to me !!!
If you accept, can we speak about any issues. For example, where do you live ? Or What do you do ?
I am still learning… If I write wrong, can you correct me, please ?
I don´t remember, but what is your language main ?
Ah!! If I write wrong this e-mail, please, correct me , ok?

Thank you,

Hi again ,Vand
As I wrote in my first post I’m Bulgarian and my language is Bulgarian.I didn’t learn English in school,everything that I know is from songs and movies.Maybe that is the reason why learning the grammar is difficult for me.I can’t construct long sentences.The sintax(I’m not sure is that word right)in Bulgarian is different English.But I hope gradually I’ll learn more and more.


I am sorry…I received your e-mail but I don´t got answer because this site it is very confused.

About your e-mail, no problem with your grammar, because I understood that you wrote.

About me:

I work in Brazil at telecomunications company and have two sons (one boy and one girl).

I access my e-mail only in my company, so have a nice weekend and until monday !!!


:slight_smile: You’ve mean you’ve got two children-one son and one daughter. I’ve got 2 children as well- daughter at 6 and son at 2.

Hi Katya,

Some corrections to your e-mail from an English Teacher in Paris googlepages.com. You should say I’m from “a” small town in Bulgaria. Any singular noun needs an article such as “a”. Same thing - I’m “a” babysitter. I’m looking after “a” two-year-old boy.

There is no “s” on an adjective so you can either say a boy who is two years old or a two-year-old boy.

I work as an English teacher in Paris and give private lessons to children, adults and to companies, individual and group lessons. You can visit my site, do not insert www.

http englishteacherinparis.googlepages.com



Here are a couple of quick corrections:
“I’m working as an English teacher … individual and group lessons.”

By the way, why don’t you provide your name in all those ads you’ve posted?

Thank you :slight_smile:


I saw that que a teacher corrected your english.

What wolud I do for she correteds my english too???


Maybe just need to write incorrect. :slight_smile: I’m joking.I would like to know more about your country.Especially about traditions.


I have a ask about the Forum :

If I to write some phrase incorrect to you, somebody of the Forum will ask me? and to learn me the correct?

My country is beautifull, My family is beutifull too and I like of my works…

Here, We like of football and “samba”…

Do you know the Brazil ?


Hi Vand
I think if somebody who knows very well English read that what we write ,he will correct us.
I’ll try to correct you now :

‘‘If I write some incorrect phrase ,somebody from the forum will correct my mistakes,isn’t he?’’

Yes,I know Brazil,but just a little.Your country is very interesting for me.Where you live in there.Are you living in Rio de Jeneiro?Are you at work at the moment?What time is in now in there?Do you use skype for meeting new people ?I really will be glad to talk online to you -we can improve our English like that.


Thanks for you to correct my incorrect phrases. I need this!!!

Answering yours questions:

No, I live and work in São Paulo. It is winter here, and it is raining at the moment.
Sorry, but I don´t use skype because I am in my office and here we can´t to use skype.

In my house I don´t have skype too, yet !!!

I like to talk online with you too, to get better my and our English, but I don´t have this resource…sorry.

And you… Do you have Skype ?
Do you access in your home or office?

It’s a pity,but never mind,we’ll talk here.As I said I’m a baby-sitter.I’m living in my employer’s house.We have got internet in here.I’m using Skype every time ,because that is the way to hear and see my children.Unfortunately they are not with me in England.I’m looking forward for my next holiday in October.I’ll spend one week with them in Bulgaria.We will play games,we’ll sign songs,go for a walk,create beautiful things, paint nice pictures.It’s the best thing to be with my own children!But you know it.

Oh , Katya,

I´m sorry. I forgot that you are baby-sitter and live long from Bulgaria!!!

But the more important are yours vacations with yours childrens at Bulgária…

“Have fun with them every day, as if went the last day”

Bye and until Tomorrow!!!


Thank you,Vand!

I’ll try to correct your words now.I think they sound better like this:

“I forgot that you are a baby-sitter and you live a long way from Bulgaria.But the most important are the vacations in Bulgaria with your children .
Have fun with them every day as that is the last day in your life!”

Vand,I did not know to much about Brazil,that’s why I tryed to find some information.Your country is 77 times bigger than Bulgaria.There are 4 times zones.In Sao Paulo live 16 000 000 people!!!All people in Bulgaria is no more 8 000 000.

Hi Vand,

Corrections: I saw that a teacher corrected your English (capital letter every time you refer to countries even if it’s an adjective).

What should I do in order for her to correct my English too?


http: // englishteacherinparis . googlepages . com