building a center of business research or center of farming research in your coun

Some people want to build a business research center in my country. Others need a center of farming research. In my opinion,because the world nowadays shifts toward the modernization and industrialization, I choose the first choice as my option.

Firstly, the system of business is more and more complicated. For this reason, the possibilities of failure in such a competitive world is higher and higher that people can’t predict exactly. For example, the world has seen the Great Depression in USA causing the decadence of USA’s economic. Even though thousands of plans were produced to prevent, it was inevitable because those plans were out of date
and lacked thorough analysis. As the result, people nowadays must open a business research to predict the outcome of business’s result more completely to prevent its existence.

Secondly, the vogue among consumers varies dramatically so business mans find it difficult to adapt. For example, yesterday people evince a strong desire of simple computer for mathematics. However, today people seem to desire a laptop associated with camera, Internet. Moreover, my city is quite remote so accessing to a real business is very difficult. For this reason, a business research must be built
for searching to adjust the demand of people. Is it important, isn’t it?

In conclusion, as I discussed above, my city strongly need a business research center

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