buddying up?!


I’d just like to know the meaning of the folloding phrase which is:

Buddy up with somebody, I read somewhere the following sentence and dont get it:

"If you are interested in buddying up please feel free to contact me. "

is it like to become friend or mate with someone??


Yes, TIE. A ‘buddy’ is a ‘mate’, a close friend.

But in this context, the person is not looking for a ‘real’ friend. The term in this case means to make a partnership with someone, often for a specific purpose.

For example, students who use this site to look for speaking partners, might be described as looking for a speaking buddy.

Someone who has a long way journey to make by car, might look for a driving buddy.

A new employee might be given someone to act as a work buddy as part of an introductory process.

Thanks, I knew what buddy meant but I haven’t heard this phrase before, and I read this on one of the property finder websites.

It sounds as if they are looking for someone to share accommodation and expenses.