brothers i need big help

[b]hi there
i am student in high school. my english is Terrible :slight_smile:
i wana to chat here with someone who is Patient to tell me my writing mistakes speling structure and others …

i love english language but you know its need (Versed ) teacher and all i have got sleepy one ):
bags of thanks [/b]

no one …
i ll talk with myself …
do you know sometimes i feel upset and deep sad about myself because i studied english 4 years and there is no benefet …my writing bad also my structure
i cant talk easly iand my big problem is in spelling … by the way my mother tongue isnt english …
are there any hope to become a teacher of english somday … ):

Hi Okla,

You say your writing is bad. If you don’t take every opportunity to write correctly then how can you hope to improve? Perhaps you ought to start by correcting the basics, which I suspect you already know about:
Sentences always begin with a capital letter and end with a full stop or equivalent mark. However, English’ always needs a capital E and the pronoun ‘I’ is always written as a capital letter, regardless of where in the sentence they come.

Post some of your writing. I or other folks here will be happy to look at it and give you notes.
Recommendation: start out with very short essays or even just paragraphs (or even sentences). This will help focus on one or two problem areas at a time.

Good Luck!


I am so happy to find someone reply

our dear Beeesneees …
thank you very much for giving me short and useful lesson … I learn from your reply
-Capital letters .
-English should begin with capital letter always .
Do you know our teacher didn’t care about capital letters. :slight_smile:
I would like to ask a question .
which skill came first writing our listening ? for beginners

Thank you so much brother for giving my this chance

My dear teacher TutorPhil .

Hello brother nice to see you here realy I am so happy to see your reply .
Yes I will do ?
Just give me a chance to write some thing in my next message .
By the way what do you mean by I’m here [size=150]quite often [/size]:wink:
Glad to see you teacher .

Hello Okla,
That’s an improvement already! I’m glad you’ve chosen to use better punctuation (full stops and question marks rather than random lines of dots more often). You’ve still missed a few capital letters and full stops, but if you aren’t used to having to put them in, that’s understandable.

My belief is that learning a language starts with listening, but the sooner that it is possible to develop reading, then writing, the better. All three aspects of language need to be developed in order to achieve an appropriate amount of competency.

I have a feeling from reading your messages so far that apart from your punctuation, your writing is better than you think it is! Do as Phil suggests and we’ll have a better idea.

So that you can compare, here’s a way of punctuating your message above:

[i]I am so happy to find someone replying to me!

Our dear Beeesneees,
Thank you very much for giving me a short and useful lesson. I learn from your reply:
-Capital letters,
-English should begin with a capital letter always.
Do you know our teacher didn’t care about capital letters. :slight_smile:
I would like to ask a question.
Which skill came first for beginners: writing or listening?

Thank you so much brother for giving me this chance. [/i]

(This is a typing skill, rather than a language skill, but notice that there are no spaces after a word and before a full stop/question mark/comma. The space comes after the punctuation mark.)