broad acre and small crop farms?


Could you please take a look at this sentence and tell me what broad acre and small crop farms are?

Major businesses include broad acre and small crop farms, plus many turf farms, golf clubs etc.

I take it broad acre simply refers to the size of the farm? A broad acre farm is a very large one while a small crop farm is just a small one, is that correct?


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That’s what I would presume, Torsten. I found this:

• Broadacre crops (eg cereals, oilseeds, legumes, pulses, pastures etc);
• Horticultural crops (eg fruit - citrus, stone, pome, berries, tropical, subtropical;
vegetables - bulb, brassica, fruiting cucurbits + non cucurbits, leafy, legumes,
root and tuber, stalk and stem; other horticultural crops - nut crops, beverage
crops); and
• Other crops (eg forestry, sugarcane, turf, essential oil crops

Small crops would then be things like herbs, some of the vegetables mentioned above, etc.

Hi Charles,

Thanks a lot for your explanation which makes perfect sense. You are helping me become an adroit farmer ;-).[YSaerTTEW443543]

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