British, mr., i : what type of errors is it?


I am not too familiar with the classification of errors in English.
Of course, I know ‘grammar’, ‘punctuation’ and ‘spelling’ mistakes - generally,
but sometimes, doing exersise, I am begining to have my doubts :slight_smile: about my general understanding of the classification.

One of those specific cases is with upper-lower letters.

english, mr. Colin, i, etc - what class/type/kind of mistakes is it in English?

Hi Tamara

So sorry to hear you’re having your doubts about things again. :wink:

I think the expression you’re looking for is “capitalization mistake” (but in your neck of the woods you might want to change the spelling to “capitalisation” ;)).


Hi Amy

I’m going to continue having my own 8) doubts and suspicions in plenty, now and for the future.
No hope for you to watch me placid :slight_smile: :wink:

Thank you!
(…Yes, I’d like if you don’t mind :))

By the way, Amy, can I ask you another question?
When you read the expression error classification what meaning do you suppose at first:

  • classification of errors, or
  • classification that contains errors (erroneous?)

I understand “the classification of the errors”

What did you want to know when you wrote: (erroneous?) :?:


Thank you.

No, no, Amy, sorry… It wasn’t a question to you, that’s just my own note to myself -
from my :slight_smile: text file. During a day I usually make such notes for myself to ask questions later, when I’ll have time to ask properly :slight_smile:
This was one of them; and writing the post, I’ve just forgotten to eliminate it.

You could also call them ‘majuscule/minuscule’ errors. The trouble is, a ‘minuscule error’ might just be a small one.

Thank you, Mister Micawber, for the word.
I’ve first read it as masculine. Early morning… :slight_smile:


Slava, thanks a lot again for your great work, but in this thread the small letter in its name is actually important and
british was right :slight_smile:

Could you rename the thread back, please?


I don’t know whether Slava will get back to this thread, so I’ve fixed your title (and my typo), Tamara.

Thank you, Mister Micawber!


…Sometimes minuscule mistakes can appear even larger than majuscule ones :slight_smile: