British Brainwashing Corporation

At least the “actors” paid to jump on Saddam’s statue were in Bagdad

Someone at the politically correct, multi-culturally sensitive BBC thinks all suntanned people look alike. Using footage of an Indian gathering to represent Green Square in Tripoli, the TV License fee parasites forgot to properly doctor the film with CGI effects to at least cover up the Indian flags. Will this….cough, ‘honest mistake even rate an apology. After all, it’s no worse than Al Jazeera’s staged “Gaddafi is killing his people!” scenes from their distant studios in Doha, Qatar.

The same massive lies of Iraq are here as well of course - diplomats, oil-mogul representatives, highly paid Western mercenaries and shady British and French servicemen – all pretending to be “advisers” rather than participants – for some reason, no one mentions the name of (General)Abdul Fatah Younes any more, though he was liquidated in Benghazi only a month ago – they can survive only by crawling like lap dogs to the Western power brokers.
They are worse than…? … re=feedlik